This is my greatest digital undertaking yet...taking for-fricking ever but I am absolutely loving it...Got an awesome Digital painting Tutorial from two upperclassmen here at CIA, and it made painting way more awesomer...Enjoy! and Leave comments goddamit!


Triumph Spitfire Limited Edition

lol i know its weird on many levels... its a front and mid engined triumph... burning out... in a WW2 war zone haha



Just a Painting for my techniques class...enjoy!



No need to change. The Snowboarder or skier can throw their board in the back and hop in this semi-convertible, all-weather assault vehicle and drive to the next location. Concept developed as a spy optics vehicle. The vehicle itself acts only as protection from wind and light, much like the actuall goggles.


Im the one that doesnt draw cars

Glad to be here, Im been looking foward to this blog...heres some of my stuff, expect more, im working on six enviroments at a time, so ull get a nuke worth of paintings one day...lol

New Invite...

Well I was just invited to join this MEGA blog last night... so heres some of my shit!

Car for Max

I'm currently in the Sophomore Interior Studio.
This is my Exterior proposal for the project.



Welp we've been neglecting We Draw Cars for a while so heres some makeup renders. We've got a bunch of new folks who shall be posting regularly. LAZ is an illustration major at the Cleveland Institute of Art, then theres me, Jon and Jay who are room mates and trusty Jaymer who lives two floors down. So yea. Should be a flurry of sketches coming in. Right.....about..........

New to the blog

Friend and colleague of both Jaymer and Vaughan. Will be posting with them now. I'm new to the digital media scene...so be gentle.