Michelin Concept (wheels aren't in this sketch)

Mid engined, turbo diesel, all wheel drive, single/tandem seating, large flat bed, tons of side/rear internal storage, wheel concept to come soon.

Michelin Project

This is my theme sketch for the michelin project, I've been going back and forth between directions for the past few weeks so I really just had to pick one and go with it. Having too much freedom to design isn't always a good thing.


Auto design study refinement

Narrowing down my design direction, my vehicle will have a silicone composite body structure that wraps into the wheels and flexes when cornering and for suspension travel so it will simplify the usual double wishbone suspension by reducing the overall weight and the number of moving parts, replacing the control arms, shock absorbers and coil springs.


Next Autoworks logo design competition

They already eliminated my logo design from the potential winners, the feedback that I got was that it was too edgy and they were looking for a softer, rounded logo. I still like it though.


Auto design study

Some sketches for my auto design study project which is a 2 person tandem vehicle that has a staggered track and tilting suspension design. I'm deciding between two directions, one that uses more of a modern suspension and another that uses flexible materials for the body sections that attach to the wheels.