Hey guys,
I think some of you know this already but my roommate and I got Larry Ericson to get us a booth at Autorama... Its 20 ft by 30 ft and we can do any work we want but its kinda meant to be motorcycles and hot rods.

So if ya'll wanna sketch or help me with designing a hotrod so I can build it faster in Alias and potentially having Larry mill out a physical 1/4th scale model then that would be cool.

Chip Foose, Dan Webb, and a lot of other big name people in the hot rod community will be there looking at work and stuff most likely...


Been Busy, tired of Computers, Techno hermit...

But in better news...I was on TV doing a 3 hour 4'x8' mural with three other fellas from the CIA...enjoy?



To whoever's still alive

Draw something for every letter of the alphabet. 1 minute each. Should be quick/crappy, you can post them up in bunches or all together if your feeling fiesty.

or post your random shit

Dead Blog...

Ok... I feel like this blog has died or something... 

We used to post stuff on this blog whether or not it was apart of a competition-type-thing or not.
and now no one posts anything...

So lets get back to the time where we just post stuff just because!!