Motorcycle Project

Well I guess lets start making some renderings of these things...

Vintage bike update

Alright folks. Here's a bit of progress on the bike project.

I'm abandoning the Majestic 350 concept and going with my original idea: a cafe racer.

so here's a sneak peek at what i'm going for, i'll have more within a few days.

The crotch rockets aren't part of the project, their just for fun.


got power back on Friday, got cable back today. not sure how long it will last. 14 inches of snow and no signs of stopping til Tuesday.


for you 517ers

vaughan delete this post


Vintage bike Ideation

Hello everyone, I'm Zack, sophomore transportation design at CCS.

Here's some ideation sketches for this bike project.

the wierd ones are a redesign of the Majestic 350 (french bike from 1930)

I'm working on some photoshop sketches too, but their not quite done yet,
look for them tomorrow.



winter break has already made me lazy... i'll do the other 7 tomorrow lol...


Vintage Motorcycle Project...

Ok well... What I was thinking was that we could submit 10 prisma/pen sketches for a vintage motorcycle design.
I'm thinking that we could do whatever brand we want as long as its a vintage one like Indian or Vincent or something... Not necessarily a redesign of any particular model but something that embodies a vintage company.

Work over break??

Anyone willing to do a project or two over the break??



which one do ya'll like better?? the man is supposed to look out of focus haha... i dont know if it turned out well or not...

Summer project rendered in hypershot


Its been so long...

since ive drawn a car, heres a little dune buggish thang

I didnt completely start with a new sketch... i just did a layover of that one car i did in mini trans (for those of you who were in my class)... its obviously not finished though...


45 minute car

went over time againnnn whops. This may be my girliest rendering yet!


something else.

gouache slash photoshop work in progress.


40 min


30 Minute Car..

Ok the title of our blog is "We Draw Cars" and yet we are doing helicopters and boats... which is cool... but lets do a 30 minute car haha. 



Heres your ship...this isnt 40 min...got caried away...


Not Really a Helicopter...

its a hovering jet thing.. but this is as far as i got in 30 min...

Helicopter Speedpaint

hey yall...im back, heres a 30 minute speedpaint of this helicopter hang thats happening...enjoy


30 minute session

Ok guys here's the brief: helicopter, can be military, civilian, rescue, whatever you want. Time limit is 30 minutes from scratch, take it however far you can. We're going on the honor system so just time yourself and of course, have funnnnn! yayyyyyy!

Demo for Tung Wah

tung wah design,
jayho remix.


PGW project

More or less my final design for studio. Xb-ish size.



theres no story behind this... i just felt like i hadn't uploaded anything in a while.




Doomsday sketching

Doomsday (tape drawings and clay) is soon approaching...trying to get my car nice and happy before then. Call out any preferences or dislikes! 10 more of these will be here for tuesday hopefully.



Trying to get a final direction for my studio project.
3rd sketch is a mixture of the first two.



Viking Vixen

nother one, trying to get faster...


Medieval Mama

A relatively quick one, doing a couple of these...enjpy!