Vintage bike Ideation

Hello everyone, I'm Zack, sophomore transportation design at CCS.

Here's some ideation sketches for this bike project.

the wierd ones are a redesign of the Majestic 350 (french bike from 1930)

I'm working on some photoshop sketches too, but their not quite done yet,
look for them tomorrow.


Jason Ho said...

watch out, some of the majestic redesigns are starting to look like quads.

i think #10 has the most interesting form interaction, the big wheel works, just play with the proportions and you got something there.

Jason Ho said...

has anyone heard from jon and noah?

Jon Russell said...

hmm... i'd like to see something with number 1 personally... i like the weird steering feature and what looks to be louvers going into the rear fender.

i think if you are going to do a re-do, then you need to keep interesting features like the steering.

Jon Russell said...

well let me say that number 1 still needs some changes in design, it looks a little too similar to the original so maybe take some design features from the others or something

Vaughan Ling said...

alot of these are looking like small buggies because of the lack of front fork(how does 1,2,3,4,5,9,10 turn?) I like the proportions of 9, except that it cant turn, not sure what the floaty trapezoid above the front wheel is.6,7,8 have nice bike proportions, but I think they could be pushed further.

Zack Stephanchick said...

yeah, i didn't throw a lot of the mechanics in the sketches. if you look at the pic the ferring is wide enough to allow for turning, and the fork comes down from the fender, and it's kinda wierd, look at the pic for reference.