Nobody tell Mom about her rapid prototype bracelet Christmas present! shhhh



I think I'm gonna do one more design and maybe a helmet to go with it. What do y'all think?


Haven't Posted in Awhile

Just thought it was time to post something. I haven't done much design type work outside of work, so now that I did, I figured I'd post it. I forgot how much fun it was to do stuff like this, work stuff is always really formal and more often than not, presented as a digital model.


New Alias project

Well, I started a new alias project and I wanted to share with everyone my progress so far. After some more detailing I will be moving on to some texture maps with renderings to follow. Heres some screenshots of it in hardware shaded.

Check out my blog and mattkulczycki.blogspot.com for more in-depth updates and progress soon to come.


GM Competition Entry

Primary Entry

This is my entry for the GM competition, but it still needs some work, what do you guys think so far?

Congrats to JHo

Congrats to Jason for making the Interior Motives shortlist


Animarus Geneticus Parvus running on a string

We Draw Movies

So we had a concept of doing a movie together a couple years ago it seems. I think it would be cool to start it up again. In Boris' project below, he commented on how his project is too crazy to do for school. Seeing as this is the type of project we all love doing and looking at, I think it would be fun to collectively create a single movie scenario for some sci-fi or adventure movie. 

I know we've tried a group project twice (movie project and the Machu Picchu architecture project), both times failing, but I think if we set up deadlines and met physically once a week during the fall with just a few pages of sketches each, we could create something cool by the end. If it becomes really cool, who knows what it could turn into. Boris and Vaughan are obviously wild enough thinkers for this project and my internship project is in a similar ballpark. 

Anyways, just and idea but I'd like to know what you all think.


Terra Prix 2085 Contest

Here is my crazy entry for the local Motors Terra Prix 2085 contest. I think I was inspired by everything including motorcycles, marine motors and airplanes. Too much fun stuff around this summer which is a good thing))) I am not going to post all nine slides here since I already posted them on my blog at futurehungry.blogspot.com ' and Local Motors competition page .  Would love to know what you guys think about SciFi craziness.
Oh, almost forgot please vote for it here  http://www.local-motors.com/entry.php?c=11035 That would be greatly appreciated)))))


Too lazy to finish.

An attempt at one of those Scott Robertson type of sketches. I got tired of the design and just called it done.



Mega yacht.

Drift car with exposed wheels, suspension and engine components.


Powerboat Project

My studio project for this semester.
Check out more at mattkulczycki.blogspot.com


Light cycle afterthoughts

Reworked my light cycle. That was a fun competition, thanks Vaughan!



Light Cycle Design Contest

Tried again. This thing is addictive! Like this one better but I can not even imagine how it works

my 2 hour light cycle

Light cycle

Here is my two hours of fun. Turned out a little strange but I submitted it anyway)))


Light Cycle.

Well, I drew for two hours (amount of time allowed) and didn't come up with anything good lol. End of story. I tried.



Tron Light Cycle redesign contest

Hi whoever's still alive.  Jon found this contest on SideQuesting for a Light Cycle redesign.  Prizes included!  Well if any of you aren't swamped with other work, give it a shot.  It's limited to only 2 hours anyway so you should have no excuses :)


We're posting on here again?? kk

some highlights from the sketchathon that is my thesis...

i'm doing an electric bike, scooter, and small car family for a vehicle rental system.

more at my blog

- zack


Chrome test renders

I have been putting together some test renders of my new project I have been working on. Still have a lot of detailing to add and workout but here is my progress.