Quickie before vacation

Side views and I never really did get along... I'll be working on some perspectives once I get back from the cabin. Until then it's all play and no work.

Karim Rashid Bike and another bike

So its 6 am and I pulled an all nighter for absolutely no reason... decided to design a bike Karim Rashid would like lol. Its got in wheel motors haha

I don't really know about the angular one... I'm gonna keep exploring that territory tho...


2 more

A couple more for consideration.

I think these are getting a little redundant, so i'll try to make the next batch a bit different.

Also, before you say it, I know they can't steer and i know there are some ergonomic issues, I'll fix all that stuff at a later phase. these are just to flesh out an aesthetic theme.


Choosing a direction

These are just some sketches from my sketchbook from throughout the year. These are completely random order, just looking to get some input for a direction to head I guess.

A quick sketch mostly focused on proportion.

Girder forks, single sided swing arm. Focus is on the motor.

Rectangular cross section forks, Ram air scoop on top of tank, and exhaust incorporated into swing arm.

A sporty, compact, liquid cooled twin with girder forks

Wheels are overrated.. Star Wars speeder bike inspired.

A sport bike with a chopper stance.

Fairly typical street fighter, with some motocross styling inspiration.


Design proposals


It's fascinating to me how everyone's style is so unique.

3 concepts

here are my first three, more to come.

***slight update*** first two rendering touched up slightly

Only Two..



Not sure what direction I'm going yet. Maybe not any of these. Check out the new Tron Bike (by Daniel Simon) unveil on youtube, so inspiring!!


Motorcycle Project

OK guys... I don't know if y'all will want to join me on this or not, but I am going to spend the rest of the summer working on a motorcycle design. We had a motorcycle design competition over Christmas break that we didn't ever finish so I thought it would be cool to finish that... Or to just start new with a new concept.

Anyways yeah I'm doin it haha.