Choosing a direction

These are just some sketches from my sketchbook from throughout the year. These are completely random order, just looking to get some input for a direction to head I guess.

A quick sketch mostly focused on proportion.

Girder forks, single sided swing arm. Focus is on the motor.

Rectangular cross section forks, Ram air scoop on top of tank, and exhaust incorporated into swing arm.

A sporty, compact, liquid cooled twin with girder forks

Wheels are overrated.. Star Wars speeder bike inspired.

A sport bike with a chopper stance.

Fairly typical street fighter, with some motocross styling inspiration.


Jon Russell said...

I like the one with the scoop on top of the tank... but I think you can push it farther. you have some traditional bikes and some crazy futuristic stuff so I think you should work on both directions and try to bring them into the middle ground a little. if that makes sense haha... cool stuff though

Christopher Custer said...

Thanks, kinda what I was thinking too, about finding some middle ground.