kinda random sketch of a Marcos...



Dani's SUV

Quick and dirty suv sketch that I'm doing for a friend. She's short and LOVES suv's (napoleon complex?). I'll get to the illustrations in a bit, I'm working on about 4 projects right now, but there's NO WAY I'm missing out on mechanical animals.


Illustration prompt #2 figures!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last illustration project (If you were one of the lazy ones, you can still post some mechanical animals, or just jump in on this project).

The next prompt is to sketch figures!

Let's try to loosen up a bit on this one. Instead of detailed sketches, do pages of gesture sketches.
Posemaniacs is a good resource for doing these sketches, set the time and it generates a new pose automatically. so grab some newsprint and get loose!

Let's try to get everyone in on this one!

Post your sketches by next Monday!

aaaaand go!


Mechanical Animals

After seeing all the great mechanical animals that are being posted, I got inspired and decided I would give it a whirl. I did a few research sketches to begin with, and then went for it.


Illustration sketch

I wanted to have more done on this by today, but moving has keep me pretty occupied. I'll have a few more sketches and some photoshop work on it in the next few days.

My goal for this project is to come up with an illustration for my story "Legacy" (hit up my blog to read, I'm looking for feedback on that too)

I'm gonna hold of on the next prompt for a little bit, I'm hoping a few other people will jump in on this one.


Illustration extension

Hey all,

I'm extending the first illustration project an extra week. Most of us are in the process of moving around and aren't really ready to sketch.

so, a week from saturday, have some stuff!


Syd Mead Brainstorming Session 1

Kind of the same general concept and aesthetic of my Sophomore Auto project but with a completely new take on the actual workings. Idk if you guys saw the project but I did a kind of personal mobility train system on a maglev rail. Anyways the new idea is for much farther in the future which suits Syd Mead's project in my opinion. A capsule will float inside a flexible metal tube/rail. The capsule itself will have a magnetic field that will levitate the capsule inside this tube/rail. Maybe the rail will have radiant electricity to power the vehicle inside to allow it to be wireless. Also I was thinking that maybe inside the tube, air travels at the same speed as the vehicle so essentially it can move with out wind resistance.

It's a little out there and I have a crazy amount of problems to figure out now but I think it's a unique take on transportation.