Nanananana Batman!

I didn't start drawing cars until I got to CCS, but here's one from HS done with a #2 pencil. The first car I drew at CCS was also done with a #2 pencil on newsprint. Yeah, I really was that clueless.

old school: high school

The more vents, the better the design.

old school: elementary

Yes, planes with flame paint jobs, planes with missile and grapple hook extensions, and cargo planes being destroyed by lightning.

I was/am special...

F1 project update

Still in the refinement stage, this is 1 of 4 different design directions that I'm choosing from.
The main emphasis for all of them is aerodynamics and I moved both the driver's position and the engine forward a few inches and the ballast rearward where the engine used to be. Placing more of the car's mass in the front improves the aerodynamics by reducing drag and rear turbulence by giving the car a teardrop shaped footprint.



My hottest car from 03

I remember how proud I felt after adding in that awesome shading!  Let's not forget presentation either.  The subtle yellowed/dirty/vintage/wrinkled/vignette really complements the design I think.

Feel free to join in the embarrassment if you'd like.


F1 inspiration

This guy's doin it too, take a looksy

New Header 3

Does this one work better for you?


New Header 2

Clean and simple. Also, for this one we could periodically change the sketch.


I'm working out the details and all the spoilers...

New header 1

Does this one stoke your fire? haha, get it?
Big D in the background, and 5 points to whoever can guess the car.
This one is pretty dark and sinister, if I have some time I'll try one that's white and clean


Layout Design Challenge

Alright sooooo design a header that is 745 pixels wide and post it or email it to me or something and if it's good it will go up.

There's only so much you can do with the rest of the blog as far as aesthetics go. Although if you have a good idea for that or can create your own html or something then you are officially the new layout master cause I don't have the slightest clue how to do that lol.

Also, everyone needs to go into their settings and change their posting to the updated new style. It will allow for uniformly larger photos. 


Start saving those pennies

Porsche just announced that they're going to make this baby in limited quantities


Sorry, just my perverted sense of humor...


LM Retro Future

Here is my entry for Local Motors Retro 27-32 competition. I guess Meadow Brook Concourse de'Elegance became mine main inspiration. I made it steam powered. Seems like a fun idea. After all this is a highly hypothetical proposition anyway. We are not in 1930's. You can see the entry on Local Motors website here: http://www.local-motors.com/entry.php?e=2598 . Of course you can vote as well if you so desire)))
Oh, I have couple more images on my blog at www.futurehungry.blogspot.com


F1 Project Stage 2: Sketching

Here's a couple initial proportion sketches that I did, my design probably won't look anything like these, but I wanted to get a feel for sketching F1 cars