Mazda concept car that's a little bit less abstract

This is what I see when I look at my purple african path party sketch.


Backlog of sketches

Here are some sketches that have been piling up around here. This is just stuff I've done for fun, as most of my drawing time is dedicated to stuff for work, which I can't show. The offroad vehicles were inspired by Scott Robertson's new book "Drive". They were really fun to do, and a great change of pace, not having to worry about how they might actually be produced. The ship is from a photo I took over the summer out on the Detroit River, I will be posting shots from that trip soon on my blog.

Abstract concept car painting

We get to pick our brand and vehicle category so this is a mid engine mazda just for fun.


life painting from my lt apartment


Porshe 550

Boxster and Cayman replacement.