Just wanted to remind everyone about the competition... I don't think its very crazy to think that at least one of us will win something. 


Summer project #1: LG design contest!!!!!

Gentlemen, I'm going to kick off what will be a very full summer of blog activity.

We are planning to have several projects between us over the summer months. We're hoping to cover a wide variety of subjects and areas that we don't cover during the school year.

The first project is a big one....the LG design competition!

Find more info here
Deadline is JUNE 7th.

Follow whatever plan you like, but i'm going one week for research / concept, one week for ideation, one week for refinement, and one week for alias modeling. let's try to post our progress at least weekly.

Alright guys, let's do some good work!

aaaand GO!


we're gonna do it up this summa.......