Syd Mead Brainstorming Session 1

Kind of the same general concept and aesthetic of my Sophomore Auto project but with a completely new take on the actual workings. Idk if you guys saw the project but I did a kind of personal mobility train system on a maglev rail. Anyways the new idea is for much farther in the future which suits Syd Mead's project in my opinion. A capsule will float inside a flexible metal tube/rail. The capsule itself will have a magnetic field that will levitate the capsule inside this tube/rail. Maybe the rail will have radiant electricity to power the vehicle inside to allow it to be wireless. Also I was thinking that maybe inside the tube, air travels at the same speed as the vehicle so essentially it can move with out wind resistance.

It's a little out there and I have a crazy amount of problems to figure out now but I think it's a unique take on transportation.

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Zack Stephanchick said...

diggin it.

i think a lot of how the final illustration is gonna turn out depends on how well you nail the environment

should be badass though.