Summer illustration prompts!!!

Ok, so, I was crazy inspired seeing Scott Robertson's work, and I think we could benefit with a little concept art work.

Sooooo, in an effort to ramp up blog activity, I'm gonna be starting a weekly illustration prompt.

This weeks prompt is: Mechanical animals.

anything from robotic squirrels to cyborg bears, get crazy with it. If you want to participate, try to post ideation sketches and a final rendering by this time next week.

The idea is to cover stuff like figure illustration, enviros, concept vehicle design, etc. anything crazy, preferably the stuff we don't get a chance to do at school. If people are interested, we can take turns giving the prompt.

I'll have ideation stuff up within a few days.

aaaaand go!

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Lauren Rossi said...

oh this sounds like fun. once im settled in at cedar point i'll join in on the fun :)