Ok two things... One, this blog has basically just become Tim's blog (no offense intended Tim, I appreciate that someone is posting stuff on here!). So I'm proposing that we start a combined project to get things rolling for the fall semester. We have done motorcycles, robot animals and an architecture project but I don't think we have ever done an actual car project lol. So I think it would be cool if we all just start something. I'm pretty sure most of us are in Alias VisCom or w/e it's called so I think it would be cool to have a project rolling for that. I just think we could get a good portfolio piece if we combined it with a minor studio at school. Let me know your thoughts or if you have a better project idea!

The other thing is, I changed the layout of the blog a bit. You can now drag your images while editing them to make them larger. I think 500 pixels wide is a good standard.

Ok one more thing actually... Head over to We Draw Yachts (original I know..) It's the blog that Rafael Dos Santos, Jordan Recchia and I have for our yacht independent studio. It's basically where we are conducting class haha. Feel free to critique us if you want.

Needed a pic so I just got one of my favorite cars! haha


Vaughan Ling said...

Nice updates...yea we should bring this back, support the Mann!

Timothy Mann said...

What can I say? Tim draws cars. That and posting to 2 different blogs got redundant so I might shut down my personal blog.

We should narrow the scope of the project down to have a more specific direction i.e. reinterpret luxury cars in a more sustainable and socially conscious manner for the year 2030.

The least we would need is:
Projected Year
Car category
Brand (possibly)