Utopia/Machu Picchu re-design

Ok so as you all know, we are doing an architecture project. Well Vaughan and I discussed what possible directions we should go and this is what we came up with. Its Machu Picchu, the last Incan city and its on top of an Andes mountain. Vaughan is going to build a model mountain in Z Brush and we are going to take a plot of land to design each. It would be nice to keep some of the Incan/Peruvian culture in mind... I'll leave the research up to ya'll but just know that they have some interesting architectural elements like the step farming on the sides of the mountain.

Anyways, start doing some research and sketching up ideas while Vaughan creates the mountain. I'll update this post or contact you all through facebook if anything changes.

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Zack Stephanchick said...

you and your z-brush...

sounds like a good plan