Bike Concepts

Heres some concepts I did just starting with side views and 2 tone designs.
Still need to get into the details and what the wheels are going to look like.
I was trying to just think about the silhouette of the outside of the design first and build from there.


Timothy Mann said...

Out of those I like the top one the best, although the organic shape of the pinstripe doesn't fit with the sharp angles on the body. All 3 seem a bit top heavy. Part of it is because they are tall and part because the rear suspension arm is too skinny on the bottom two. Try lowering the ground clearance and making the rear wheel a bit bigger, that should help the stance.

Jon Russell said...

I'm not quite sure what some of the forms are doing but as of now I think the linear secondary color thing you have going on in the bottom one is nice. I agree with Tim on some of the stuff though.. The rear arm is pretty small and it would be nice to see what you are gonna do for the front forks.

I'm lookin forward to the next series of this design.

Matt Kulczycki said...

The more I look at it the more the odd proportions stand out Ill try to mess with wheel size and placement and try to get a good fork going soon.