I know we're not engineers, but as industrial designers, we should take a minute to read up on the general physical rules of motorcycle steering. Not to say there aren't any creative ways to get around conventional motorcycle forks, take the Dodge Tomahawk for example:
It splits the wheel in half, with each half pivoting vertically to create a lean/turning condition. Check the video to see it in action.

Also check this link for more conventional motorcycle steering setups
Bicycle_and_motorcycle_geometry Fork_offset

This isn't meant to be picking on anyone, I just want our designs to be as informed as possible

Here is the Hub Center steering setup that Tim is looking at for inspiration


Timothy Mann said...

I absolutely agree, I know that's one of the areas that I need to figure out. I was planning on using a hub center steering system, here's a link to how it works:

The Tomahawk is a sweet concept, it definitely stretches the definition of "motorcycle." It's based on the same idea as a tilting three wheeler, which is what I used for my gyrocopter project.

Vaughan Ling said...

cool, never seen that setup before. I'll add it to the post.