Modified Final Direction

I'm gonna have to cut a notch or something in that edge that will be pressing up against the guys calf... I'll get to that though when I have a more detailed design.

I think this lightens up the bottom a bit with that whole in the front now... It also lets the engine air cool a bit and shows off the exhaust a little more as well. Thanks guys for the adivice.


Christopher Custer said...

It's a nice looking design overall, I don't want to see it get ruined by a notch for the leg, but I do see what you mean. What if your feet were up higher, so your calf ran parallel to that crease? Probably not real comfy though.

Vaughan Ling said...

looks great. instead of a notch, maybe the peak of the (planview) curve can be moved forwards?

Timothy Mann said...

def an improvement and nothing says jet fighter like big ass air intakes. It's tough to decipher ergonomics from a side view, just make sure the hot air from the engine isn't melting the guys foot.