Escape the City

I was thinking about designing a few characters for a project I wanted to start. I was thinking about calling it "Escape the City." The whole idea is kind of based off an apocalyptic world where racers will be dropped into the middle of major cities that have been in the wake of war or infestation and have them fight each other while trying to make it around and out alive. Its basically like Twisted Metal or Deathrace 3000 but was going to keep it to just bikes.
I want to try to design a few different characters and bikes to fit the storyline. Each with nicknames, weapons and their own numbers. Here's the first one, ExoticMangos. I based the bike off of the last pages of sketches I submitted. Hows it all sound? I don't really have a set story down yet or name even so all ideas and suggestions may help.


Jon Russell said...

Nice man... Big improvement on the design

Christopher Custer said...

Cool. I like the snake look to it. I also dig how you made it look like the promo posters the riders hand out at the track. Don't forget things like handle bars and foot pegs!