Final design direction

I still have some details to work out, but this is the direction I'm heading in. I threw some triathlon inspired handlebars on there and I still have to figure out if I'm doing hubless or standard wheels.


Jon Russell said...

sweet man... this thing have a v8? lol

I think the main thing I would change is the front forks. I'm sure in reality they would be strong enough but they just look weak

Matt Kulczycki said...

How can I post up my concepts here guys

Zack Stephanchick said...

i gotta agree with jon, the front forks need to be beefed up a bit

and matt, i think vaughan needs to send you an email inviting you, then you should be able to post.

Jon Russell said...

Matt, first you need to send Vaughan your email address... then he will email you with a link

Vaughan Ling said...

Tim - looks good, but the front forks seem like an issue. (alot of the bikes on here from everybody have steering issues) I'm gonna post a wiki article in a minute.

Matt - send your blogger account email to kakapoopie@gmail.com